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Q: Who is Mr.Prospector?

A: Mr.Prospector has been around the shipping markets for over 20 years as an analyst, broker, trader, owner, in fact pretty much every part of the business at some point or another. These days he spends his time using his well honed research and analysis techniques to try to find more pertinent ways to use data within the dry bulk space.

Q: Is this website for me?

A: Literally anybody who is in some way connected or interested in dry bulk markets, commodities, trading and investment. Life’s too complicated to make it, well, any more complicated. So the idea of the website is not to postulate on what will happen in the future, but to use what the market is saying now to find ways to make money. It is all about relative value trading, finding interesting pairs of data, re-indexing stuff to make it comparable, asking the simplest questions and challenging the accepted ‘norms’ of the market. If you fancy taking a look at the world from a slightly different angle, or want to try a totally new way to see the markets, or are just plan bored of meaningless statistics, then this website is definitely for you.

Q: How do I use the Mr.Prospector website?

A: Any way you want to partner. You can simply read the blog. You can subscribe to the weekly pdf full of data, graphics, facts and figures. You can also listen to ‘Boring British Bob’ describe the graphics using the Layar app. You are almost required to interact with Mr.P, asking questions, giving answers, telling each other stuff that Mr.P got wrong (there will be plenty of that). If you blow on the embers of debate you can turn this forum into a raging fire of ideas and disruptive action.

Q: How do I subscribe, what do I get and when is the site updated?

A: Go to the subscriptions page here (input link). The blog appears on a Friday lunchtime and the weekly PDF stats and comment update is uploaded every Monday at some time around lunchtime (or there abouts). Other bits and bobs will turn up as and when, so worth always checking in to see what we’ve got.

Q: Can I contribute to Mr.Prospector?

A: We’ll be mad at you if you don’t! See the above brilliant ’embers of debate’ analogy. Ask Mr.Prospector anything you want. He’ll get the Commodore 64 out and crunch up a bit of data and get back to you with his thoughts and comments. Any subject relating to dry bulk is suitable, probably the more left field the better. If you want to send in a bit of your own research then that’s fine too (but I bet nobody does!).

Q: Does Mr.Prospector do presentations for companies or conferences?

A: Sure he does. Read the Projects & Consultancy page here  http://mrprospector.co.uk/estimates/ first, then use the Contact Us page and tell him what you want. Birthdays, weddings, funerals, Bar mitzvahs are also possible (but keep him away from the buffet table and the hooch).

Q: What’s the difference between a wolf and a flea?

A: That’s easy! One howls on the prairie, the other prowls on the hairy.