About Mr. Prospector

Welcome to the first ever rootin’ tootin’ Mr.Prospector dry bulk extravaganzaniumizer! My name is Mr.Prospector. In case you’re wonderin, my first name is ‘Old’, which if you think about it is a funny name to give a baby. But, hell, my parents were pretty strange folk though I say so myself. Fancy giving a 5 year old boy a stick of dynamite, box of matches and some hooch and expecting it to turn out well? Anyhoos, that’s not why I’m here.

I’m here to tell you about what to expect, and what not to expect from Mr.Prospector’s weekly chittety chat about what’s going on in dry bulk shipping. It’s better to get the ‘what not to expect’ bit out of the way, save you the time of reading this and only realising that it’s rubbish on the last line. This publication will not produce any demand statistics whatsoever. If I do ever publish them in a way other than to laugh at them, then you’re gonna git your money back, provided that is that you paid me in the first place. Second up, you is never gonna git any gum flappin about supply statistics. So this is a research publication with a difference, no demand data, no supply data. Oh, and I forgot to mention, absolutely no forecasts whatsoever either.

Now I come to write this it does sound sorta rubbish don’t it? But hang on in there friend. What you can expect is a lot of price information, a load of forward curves, arbitrage strategies, trading ideas (not recommendations of course), and a whole load of huff and bunkem which I think is interesting. You’ll get graphs and the suchlike. But I know that you are busy boys and girls, up to your knees in doodoo looking at ways to get rich, just hoping that the boss don’t come along and tell you it’s time to stand on your heads. So I recommend that you do this for me. Please open up the mind just enough to push out any notion that supply and demand data is helpful in any way whatsoever. That is so old school that it reminds me of Zeke from the Creek who pans for gold using a wicker basket. Once you’ve made a little room up there, then let me fill it with some other stuff. Now I don’t very well have the answers, but I do like to challenge my buddies with questions. So let’s not assume anything and let’s test out everything.

We are gonna try to picture the world as a place where everything is constantly moving, sometimes towards eachother, sometimes apart. But the key point is that at any given moment every outcome is possible. Yep, it can happen! Leicester winning the Premier League, winning the lottery, joining the fastest queue at passport control. Incredibly these things actually can and do happen. So what we’re going to do is try to work out our chances of making them happen. I won’t repeat the inch by inch speech from ‘Any Given Sunday’, but better that I remind you what my granny used to say; ‘Look after the cents and the dollars will take care of themselves’. She also said a lot of stuff that might be considered inappropriate these days when describing foreigners, but we can dump that into the trash can of another era. And that’s what we’re going to do with this ole supply an’ demand stuff. Into the dumpster it goes. The only ‘Absolute’s we will deal with will come with tonic water and a slice of lime.

What you will need is one of these new App thingamy’s. It is called Layar and you can download it on your smartphone for free. Then when you are reading the tales of your friend Mr.Prospector, you might see a fine lookin’ graph with a bit of a picture behind it. Then get out your phone, open the app, scan the image and ‘hey presto!’ you can hear the ole Prospector himself giving you a yarn or two about what you’re lookin’ at. You can also email me here (where I am held hostage sometimes when I haven’t paid my bar tab) at Sinndar directly from the app and your smart phone. If that ain’t good enough, then I’m here on prospector@sinndar.com. If even that ain’t good enough then quite frankly I’m clean out of things to say. Just holla if you want me to look at somethin’ for you. I always enjoy panning in new rivers.
Now let’s get out there and find some nuggets o’ gold in them there oceans! Happy diggin’ you lovely varmits!